Roof Rage

Roof Rage, a multiplayer game in early access where you can play with up to eight players locally or 1-vs-1 online which alone, is enough of a reason for you to get this game!

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Along with local play, adds a lot more fun to this game and although it isn’t really for single player mode, but they do offer a mode that lets you fight CPUs at 9 different levels of difficulty. The game has no story but there is potential that there could be and with a game like this all you really need is an online mode to keep anyone happy.

The game has is own discord community where you discuss the game with other players and maybe even challenge them to a game or two to prove who is better…

I will link Roof Rage discord at the bottom of the article.

If you are interested in the game, check out the trailer below!

I tried fighting the computer at level 9 straight away to test how hard it is and let me tell you, that it is very very hard and will get you better at the game. This game is easy to get the hang of but harder to master.

They have a wide range of characters all with their own set of skills. From Pakaw, a boxer with a tremendous explosive punch to Needle, an old man with some ancient power. Needle seems to be hiding something that’s not just because he beat me…


The innovative artwork really brings the game together, without it, the game wouldn’t be as good as the game is now.

Since release, it has added 4 new characters to its roster and 4 more stages, and there’s more to come with the next update, bringing an unlockable boss and new characters, stages and an arcade story mode, and it doesn’t look like they are going to be stopping there.

Soon to be realised on Nintendo switch.

Rating: 9/10, I would have rated Roof Rage a 10 if it had a story!

Why not check them out on;

Twitter:@early_melon @RoofRage




 As always may all your gameplay be high scores!

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