Contradictory to its name you mustn’t let the meteor fall!

A hero on a quest; fight monsters and save the world.

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An easy-to-play, addictive deck-building card game with achievements, leaderboard, dozens of enemies to fight and no annoying ads getting in the way.

A bear called Bramble guides you through the quest and explains how to play this beautifully illustrated game.

Available on IOS and Android.

The game starts with choosing a character:

  • Bruno – the knight
  • Graybeard – powerful wizard
  • Mischief – the wanted criminal
  • Rose – looks innocent and pure but darkness lies within
  • Muldorf – once a hero, now a necrodude with an evil spirit genie inside of him

Then it shows the story behind Meteorfall, in a fantastic little poem which gives insight and depth in the game:

‘So our story begins,

Our hero sets out,

In search of the lich,

That miserable lout!

A thousand year cycle of destruction and flame,

Gives rise to the beasts that inhabit this game.

The lich must be stopped,

The meteor mustn’t fall,

Or the cycle will continue,

Consuming us all.’

Then with your chosen character, you pick a destination. With each destination, there are different monsters to fight.

Choose destination:

  • Cave
  • Plains
  • Forest
  • Swamp
  • Desert
  • Crypt

After choosing a destination, you fight or rest (skip fighting that monster) leading to fighting a different monster. It is a levelling up gameplay.  You decide to punch, stab, poison, etc. the monster while preserving your stamina so not to die by swiping the cards either left or right for a battle to the death.

After you die, you start all over again and pick a character. You can play as a different character each time or stick to the same character and play against friends. Your score is saved to a leaderboard to keep track of how you’re improving.

Each time you play and each character you use; you gain new cards and can level up on each card of your choosing. There are over 75 different cards to pick and choose! You can get rid of cards and gain new ones. This game is full of surprises as you go higher and higher in levels and through the three stages, fighting all sorts of strange and unusual monsters, you get nearer and nearer to the final boss the Uberlich as referred to ‘lich’ in the poem/story at the beginning of the game.

The illustrations are better than some video games I have played it! No wonder it is in the top 5 best selling games, it’s a great game to play! This game is constantly getting updated and improved upon meaning you really do get your money’s worth.

I highly recommend it, giving Meteorfall 9/10 rating. I love the story and drawings, it’s truly a hidden gem I am glad that I found. It’s a game that I won’t get bored of play and will play for a long time, especially since my boyfriend and I are competing with each other for the best score! 😉

Thank you for reading, and I hope you try this unknown game for yourself…



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